Library Table

Library Table This Table Was Heavily Saturated In Water, Which Caused Major Veneer Damage As Well As Joints To Loosen We Restored With All Original Parts And Finished To A Custom Color To Fit The Customers Decor

This table was heavily saturated in water, which caused major veneer damage as well as joints to loosen. We restored with all original parts and finished to a custom color to fit the customers decor. Before After

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Piano Veneer Repair

Veneer Repair

This piano was damaged in a move. The customer called us to the location to, repair the large chunk of veneer, then artistically touch-up the split and missing chips of veneer on site. Before After

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Vanity We Repaired All Loose And Missing Veneer Restored To Original Color And Sheen As The Customer Desired

We repaired all loose and missing veneer. Restored to original color and sheen as the customer desired. Before After

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Sideboard Veneer Repair & Restoration

Sideboard A Mequon Customer Chose Us To Restore Their Sideboard It Was Missing Many Areas Of Veneer And Decorative Carved Trim On The Doors We Repaired And Restored A Custom Color And Sheen To Fit The Customers Decor

A Mequon customer chose us to restore their sideboard. It was missing many areas of veneer and decorative carved trim on the doors. We repaired and restored a custom color and sheen to fit the customers decor. Before After

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