We Manufactured And Finished Over 10 Walnut Trophies For The Prestigious Weatherby Foundations International Including One Over 8 Feet Tall

We manufactured and finished over 10 walnut trophies for the prestigious Weatherby Foundations International including one over 8 feet tall.

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Shotgun The Shotgun Was Run Over By A Truck Tire We Restored Using All Original Parts

The shotgun was run over by a truck tire. We restored using all original parts. Before After

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Radio After

We were chosen to restore this radio from a Milwaukee customer.  It was a memory of their childhood.  Before After

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Wardrobe Restoration

Wardrobe We Were Chosen By A Milwaukee Resident To Do A Complete Restoration On This Wardrobe We Repaired And Solidified The Entire Unit, Fit The Doors And Drawer To Function Properly, Polished All Brass Hardware, And Custom Finished To Fit The Customers Decor

We were chosen by a Milwaukee resident to do a complete restoration on this wardrobe. We repaired and solidified the entire unit, fit the doors and drawer to function properly, polished all brass hardware, and custom finished to fit the customers decor. Before After

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Poker Table

Poker Table After

We were chosen to restore this poker table which was built by a family member. We refinished, removed the old legs, furnished a base, finished to the customers desired color,  and installed new felt.  Before After

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Dining Room Table and Chairs

Dining Room Table And Chairs We Were Chosen By A Hartland Customer To Restore Their Dining Room Set We Reglued All The Chairs, Reupholstered The Seats, And Custom Finished The Set To Fit Their Decor

We were chosen by a Hartland customer to restore their dining room set. We reglued all the chairs, reupholstered the seats, and custom finished the set to fit their decor.

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Upright Piano

Upright Piano After

We were chosen to restore this upright piano. It was moisture damaged and sun bleached. We refinished to the natural wood tone. Before After

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Steinway & Son’s Grand Piano

Milwaukee Art Museum's 1894 Steinway & Son's Grand Piano We Were Chosen By The Milwaukee Art Museum For Proper Restoration Funding For The Restoration Of The Milwaukee Art Museum's 1894 Steinway And Son's Grand Piano Was Generously Provided By Hal Leonard Corporation And Keith Mardak & Mary Vandenberg

Milwaukee Art Museum’s 1894 Steinway & Son’s Grand Piano – We were chosen by the Milwaukee Art Museum for proper restoration. Funding for the restoration of the Milwaukee Art Museum’s 1894 Steinway and Son’s grand piano was generously provided by Hal Leonard Corporation and Keith Mardak & Mary Vandenberg. Before After

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