Know The Differences

No Water

We do NOT use water in the stripping process.

Water raises the grain which requires much sanding, taking away patina. Water will loosen joints, cause wood to warp, split, and develop an opaque gray color. Many problems will show up months and years after refinishing.

Appreciated Value

We do NOT depreciate value.

Water stripping, too much sanding, along with unskilled employee decisions, will cause a loss of value. We always increase the value with proper care. We treat items with individual care for proper color, sheen, and total customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

We do NOT inflate values of furniture.

If a piece is not valuable we will tell you. We DO tops only or portions, saving you money. When entrusting your antiques and heirlooms to a refinisher, it’s extremely valuable to have confidence that you will be working with a professional and proven furniture specialist.

Dining Room Table And Chairs We Were Chosen By A Hartland Customer To Restore Their Dining Room Set We Reglued All The Chairs, Reupholstered The Seats, And Custom Finished The Set To Fit Their Decor

Professional refinishing guaranteed and backed by our family owned & operated business for over 50 years.

With over 50 years of accumulated knowledge, Jim Mullaly is a nationally recognized master finisher and consulting restorer to finishers worldwide. At Mullaly, all restoration is done by experienced craftsmen – not production workers.

Because of this, your furniture will receive the undivided attention to detail that results in pieces beautifully transformed to your desired color and sheen.

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