Vanity We Repaired All Loose And Missing Veneer Restored To Original Color And Sheen As The Customer Desired

We repaired all loose and missing veneer. Restored to original color and sheen as the customer desired. Before After

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Sofa Arm

Dog Chews This Eagle Head Is An Arm Of A Settee The Customers Dog Chewed The Decorative Eagle Carved Arm We Had To Reform The Area, Carve, And Artistically Touch Up

This eagle head is an arm of a settee. The customers dog chewed the decorative eagle carved arm. We had to reform the area, carve, and artistically touch-up. Before After

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Plant Stand

Dog Chews We Were Chosen By A Milwaukee Resident To Restore Their Plant Stand All The Corners Of The Base Were Chewed By The Owners Dog We Reformed The Areas, Carved, Then Artistically Touched Up, So The Repairs Were Invisible

We were chosen by a Milwaukee resident to restore their plant stand. All the corners of the base were chewed by the owners dog. We reformed the areas, carved, then artistically touched-up, so the repairs were invisible. Before After

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Dresser with Mirror

Dresser With Mirror We Completely Restored To The Original Color And Sheen As The Customer Desired The Missing Pulls And Back Plates Were Duplicated And Finished To Blend With The Originals

We completely restored to the original color and sheen as the customer desired. The missing pulls and back plates were duplicated and finished to blend with the originals. Before After

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Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed This King Size Mahogany Canopy Ralph Lauren Bed

This king size mahogany canopy Ralph Lauren bed was purchased and delivered as a natural mahogany. The customer researched to locate a company qualified to refinish it into their desired color and sheen. Mullaly was selected and the customer was so pleased, we received several minutes of joy and gratitude after delivery.

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